Merced Fence Co.

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Our Dedication to Working Safely

 Merced Fence Co. is proud to be an innovator in the fencing industry. However, we know that process cannot be achieved 

without our commitment to provide a safe working environment for our employees; after all, they are our most important

asset! Maintaining  the safety and health of our employees must always remain a top priority in every aspect of business.

We provide the resources necessary to manage, control, or eliminate all safety and health hazards. We have hired

Lancaster Safety Consulting Inc. to custom write our safety programs, conduct safety and

health training,and to help us keep compliant with applicable OSHA standards. We are also in the Pics program.


In order to have a world class occupational safety and health program, we know that we must have total management,

leadership, and employee involvement. Therefore, safety must be management's highest priority. Production is never

so urgent that we cannot take time to perform work safely. Merced Fence is dedicated to providing its employees with

a safe working environment and wants our clients to know that we put the same safe care into every project we do!